Do you share your Lafayette, Louisiana, home with pets? If so, you’re also sharing your home with their hair and dander. Pet dander is the dead skin cells that your pet leaves when they move throughout the house. As it builds up, it can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality (IAQ), leading to increased asthma and allergy symptoms. Luckily, there are a few simple tips you can follow to help reduce the pet dander in your home’s air supply.

Vacuum Frequently

One of the best ways to combat pet dander buildup and improve IAQ in your home is to keep it as clean as possible. The most important cleaning you can perform is regular vacuuming of the areas in your home where your pet frequents. Try to vacuum at least twice a week, paying particular attention to the areas and furniture where your pet frequents.

Check Your Air Filter Often

The air filter in your HVAC system is likely to become dirty and clogged more quickly when you have one or more pets in the home. Once dirt and dander block your filter, it stops removing the dander from the air and can restrict the airflow in your system. As a result, it can make it work less efficiently to circulate the air. Change your filter at least once a month, and be sure to check it every couple of weeks.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is one of your best ways to reduce the amount of dander circulating throughout your home. During a maintenance visit, your service technician will:

  • Thoroughly clean all of the components of your system.
  • Check for any wear and tear.
  • Ensure that there is proper airflow throughout your home.

Keeping your system clean and the air flowing properly will help reduce the amount of pet dander built up in your system.

Want to start reducing the pet dander in your home? Contact us today. Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. will get your maintenance scheduled.

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