Ductless mini-splits are effective and convenient HVAC systems for cooling your home and improving your comfort. They’re excellent options for Lafayette, LA, apartments, room additions and places where installing air ducts isn’t feasible. Here are four benefits of ductless AC systems:


Ductless systems have a compact size and offer flexible options in cooling your home. They have two components, including the indoor air handler and outdoor compressor You can have up to four indoor air handling units, each connected to one outdoor unit that separately cools different rooms.

You can pair each indoor air handling unit with a thermostat to control the temperature of each room according to its requirements. This means that you don’t have to cool rooms that are not in use, thus, reducing energy consumption. Different family members can also set their preferred temperatures in their rooms.

Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini-splits supply conditioned air throughout your home without the use of air ducts. This means that they avoid all the energy efficiencies associated with air ducts, such as leaks. Ductless systems run efficiently, lowering energy consumption and saving on energy costs.

Quiet Operation

Ductless mini-splits offer a smooth and quiet operation that increases your comfort, especially while sleeping. They’re made with noise-cancelling technology to minimize noise production as well as fans that run at lower speeds. Additionally, the outdoor compressor unit sits outside your home, meaning there will be even less noise inside your home.

Compact Size

Ductless systems are small in size and don’t take up a lot of space in your home. You can install the indoor air handling unit on your wall or ceiling, while the compressor unit can be up to 50 feet away. This will also improve the aesthetic value of your home.

Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc provides Lafayette, LA, with quality HVAC services, including AC repair and installation. We offer flat-rate pricing and guarantee 100-percent satisfaction. Contact us today for all your HVAC maintenance and installation needs.

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