For those new to smart thermostats, their recovery mode feature can be quite mysterious. Here’s some information about what recovery mode is and why smart thermostats in Youngsville, LA, have this feature.

Saving Energy

Ordinarily, when you program a given time and temperature into a digital thermostat, the device turns on your HVAC system at that time and keeps it operational until your home reaches the right temperature. Smart thermostats that have a recovery mode feature can begin this process in advance. They turn on your HVAC system earlier and run it gently so that your home is already at the temperature you want when your desired time arrives, saving you energy and money.

This means that the primary reason for the existence of the recovery mode feature is to allow your HVAC system to achieve more by using less energy. Energy use drops because your system is working more gently, and it doesn’t have to completely turn on and off while recovery mode is in effect.

Less Stress on Your HVAC System

This last fact deserves more attention because it means that your HVAC system will be under less stress when in that state. Less stress on your system ultimately means that it won’t age as quickly, will need fewer repairs and will probably have a longer shelf life.

Lower Costs

The ultimate result is that smart thermostats that can go into recovery mode will save you money. First, they will save you directly because your utility bills will decrease. Secondly, the lighter burden on your HVAC system means that you’ll have to devote less money to repairs and new installations.

Of course, this doesn’t change the fact that annual maintenance is critically important for your HVAC system. Responsible maintenance and a smart thermostat can work together to keep your HVAC system working well for as long as possible.

Recovery mode is an excellent feature that you should use in your home in Youngsville, LA, without hesitation. If anything goes wrong, call Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc to schedule heating or air conditioning services today.

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