From time to time, Lafayette, LA, homeowners may find that the smart thermostat in their home is blank. It could be due to a loss of power, bad wiring or faulty hardware. Is your smart thermostat screen blank? Let’s explore potential causes and solutions to determine if you should call a service technician.

Check the Power Supply

The most common cause of a blank screen on a smart thermostat is simply a lost power supply. One easy way to find out is to check your circuit breaker panel to see if any switches are flipped off and then reset them if necessary. Also, check the batteries in your thermostat. These may need to be replaced. Otherwise, it could be the power supply related to your HVAC system.

Have the Wiring Inspected

Another potential problem is bad wiring within your HVAC system or inside the thermostat itself. This could be attributed to faulty manufacturing or improper installation by someone who doesn’t have the appropriate training. Never attempt to inspect or repair wiring yourself; you should only work with certified professionals.

Assess the Hardware

Finally, something could be wrong with one of the components inside the thermostat itself. Malfunctions may occur by normal wear and tear. Another possible cause of a blank screen is physical damage.

For instance, this could occur if someone accidentally dropped the unit. If this happens to be the case, replacing the hardware may be necessary.

If your smart thermostat suddenly displays nothing but a blank screen, chances are there may be an issue with the power supply, the wiring or the hardware within your HVAC system. Sometimes, it can be difficult to discern if it’s one or more of these issues.

It’s always best to contact an experienced professional. We will immediately send out a service technician who can diagnose and repair any problems they find. Call Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc for your thermostat and HVAC installation needs in Lafayette, LA.

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