An effective air conditioner should cool all the rooms in your home evenly. If you find a few rooms in your home cooler than others, you might be a candidate for an air conditioning repair. Here are some reasons your AC system isn’t cooling your Youngsville, LA, home evenly.

Dirty Filters

Air filters accumulate dust, soot and dirt particles over time, clogging them. Clogged air filters reduce the efficacy of your air conditioner, causing uneven cooling in your home. The good news is that you can change or clean the filters to prevent clogging and uneven cooling your home.

Blower Fan Problems

A blower fan is responsible for blowing air into the ducts, emitting cool air to your home. The blower fan can develop issues over time because of constant usage, overheating or debris accumulation. The air conditioning repair professional will first identify the cause before fixing it to improve the system’s ability to cool your space evenly.

Leaky Ductwork

Even the smallest leak in your ductwork can significantly affect airflow throughout the rooms in your home. When cool air escapes when you have leaky or blocked ductwork, it affects the system’s cooling capacity. As a result, it impacts your comfort and increases your energy bills.

Incorrect AC Size

An incorrectly sized air conditioner cannot evenly and consistently cool your home. You need to install the right air conditioner size, depending on your cooling needs and load requirements, to ensure even cooling. Consult an HVAC professional to help choose the right air conditioner size if you have issues with uneven cooling.

These are some of the culprits of an air conditioner that isn’t cooling evenly. You need a reliable and experienced AC expert to assist with issues with uneven home cooling. Call Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning for affordable air conditioning installation and repair services. We look forward to helping you.

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