Is your air conditioner in Lafayette, LA, is causing a musty odor? If so, there could be several causes and solutions. HVAC service technicians can inspect the evaporator, several coils and the filter. They can also clean the AC system, replace multiple components and empty the drip pan. Read on to learn more about resolving this annoying issue.

Dirty Coils and an Old Evaporator

The evaporator contains durable coils that can transport the refrigerant. Eventually, moisture will accumulate on the coils. Subsequently, bacteria could quickly grow around the coils. As a result, it may cause a musty odor, affect the indoor air and exacerbate chronic inflammation. Our service technicians will clean the coils, remove the bacterial growth and decrease the odor.

A Full Drip Pan

The air conditioner features a drip pan that may contain a substantial amount of water. Gradually, microbial could form within the water, and you may notice a musty odor. After our service technicians inspect the drip pan, they could empty it, determine the cause of the odor and clean it.

Dust in the Filter

The filter can protect multiple components, improve the flow of air and increase energy efficiency. But eventually, dust could accumulate on it. The airborne dust may cause an odor, affect your respiratory system and increase inflammation. Our service technicians can install a new filter that contains fiberglass, and this material will improve the durability of the filter, mitigate the effects of dust and reduce airborne pollution.

Routine maintenance can help you identify issues that might cause musty odors before they become serious. Call us at Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc to learn more about our array of HVAC services and schedule an appointment to help you conquer those musty odors or any other problem that’s keeping you from enjoying a comfortably air-conditioned home in Lafayette, LA.

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