Running your air conditioner can already break the bank when the heat and humidity reach their peak around Maurice, LA. However, the bills skyrocket higher when your system isn’t running properly, causing it to use even more energy. Here are four ways to boost HVAC efficiency to help keep your energy bills in check despite rising temps:

Time Hot Tasks

Certain tasks add a lot of heat and humidity to your air. This includes showering, washing the dishes, using the oven and even doing laundry.

Consider holding off on these tasks until the later part of the day or early morning to minimize their effect. When it’s time to tackle them, be sure to run your ventilation fans to help evacuate additional moisture.

Keep Your Air Filters Clean

Your air filters are the gateway to your HVAC system, filtering many airborne contaminants before causing more difficult clogs. Most filters need replacing about every 90 days, depending on filter type and air quality. Plan to check your filter monthly to catch when it first starts showing signs of a clog.

Reduce Off-Peak Hours Work Load

One of the biggest things you can do to improve your efficiency is to manage your thermostat settings. If you still have a manual thermostat, upgrade to a programmable model. Plan to bump your temperature by 10% to 15% during hours you aren’t home or when you’re sleeping. A programmable thermostat can do this automatically.

Managing your system to reduce the load when not needed saves both energy and wear on your system. This translates to lower utility costs and fewer AC repairs caused by strained parts.

Schedule AC Maintenance

Your system naturally loses efficiency through its service life. This is from both the airflow restrictions that form around your system and wearing parts.

Your service technician will clean the evaporator coil and circulating fan, inspect your air filter and test each component. If something is operating suboptimally, you have the time to replace it before causing bigger problems.

Avoid the extra expenses of running an inefficient HVAC system. Call to schedule your HVAC maintenance with the experts at Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

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