Winter in Maurice, LA, can get uncomfortable when your heat pump compressor is faulty. This is because the compressor fails to adequately regulate refrigerant and transfer heat into your home. Before the coldest months arrive, consider these five signs your heat pump compressor is failing so you can have the issue repaired right away:

Compressor Makes Weird or No Sounds

It’s not uncommon for a compressor to make slight noise while operating. For example, you might hear a humming sound. Anything more than this is cause for concern.

Examples of noises you shouldn’t hear when your HVAC system operates include banging or hard vibrations. Additionally, you shouldn’t hear popping or ticking noises. However, if there’s no noise at all, this also indicates your compressor is failing.

Breaker Keeps Tripping

A faulty compressor can constantly trip your circuit breaker. Unless you’re sure something else is tripping the circuit breaker, the compressor might be the problem. It’s likely that the compressor is overheating and the breaker is tripping to protect your electrical system.

System No Longer Heats Adequately

If your system is blowing cool air that should be warm, there are several possible causes, so it’s not necessarily the heat pump. However, a faulty compressor is a common cause for your system to fail to heat adequately.

Heat Pump Compressor Stays Off

If your heat pump doesn’t turn on at all, there’s a chance the compressor is failing. But something simple, like an incorrect thermostat setting, can also keep the heat pump from turning on.

Airflow Is Weak

Normally, the airflow produced by your HVAC system is strong and steady. When there’s a problem, you might notice that the airflow has become weak. The reduced airflow can mean that the compressor is about to fail.

Contact Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc so we can check your heat pump compressor and make repairs if we find any problems. Our chief goal is to ensure your safety and comfort.

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