An HVAC system should be appropriately sized for your house to regulate temperatures efficiently. A wrongly sized HVAC system will make you pay higher energy and repair costs. Here are three signs of an incorrectly sized heat pump in Youngsville, LA.

House Has Uneven Temperatures

Your system may be running, yet some rooms are warm while others are still cold. One of the possible causes of this scenario is an improperly sized heat pump.

An oversized system turns on, heats your home quickly, shuts down, turns on again and repeats the process. It doesn’t take enough time to raise indoor temperatures to your preferred levels.

On the other hand, your home’s heating needs will exceed the capabilities of an undersized heat pump. So, no matter how long the unit runs, it’ll never provide sufficient warm air for all rooms in your house.

Heat Pump Runs Constantly

Heat pumps work in cycles. A cycle lasts 10 to 20 minutes, and your system should go through two or three cycles an hour. Running continuously is common with an undersized heat pump.

The appliance never shuts down because it’s always attempting to reach your preferred temperature levels. Unfortunately, running continuously causes your system to break down often since its parts are under a lot of strain, causing the need for heating repairs to increase. The system also consumes a lot of electric energy because of operating for an extended period.

System Is Short-Cycling

If you notice your heat pump turns on and off many times, it’s very likely that you have an oversized system. Short-cycling occurs because your heat pump’s capabilities surpass your indoor temperature needs. However, multiple issues can cause your system to short-cycle, so you’ll need a professional’s help to pinpoint the exact cause.

Reach out to us at Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc for professional heating services. Our service technicians will help to determine your home’s heating and cooling needs, enabling you to choose a heat pump that’s the correct size for your home.

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