If you wake up feeling cold during the fall season, chances are that you left your window open or your furnace is malfunctioning. Nevertheless, if you know when your furnace is failing before it breaks down completely, you can contact a service technician to replace or repair it without experiencing any discomfort. Below are signs that your furnace in Abbeville, LA, is about to break down.

Yellow Burner Flame

Take a look at the flame when you open the service door and check its color. If you see a yellow flame, it’s a sign that the gas isn’t burning completely, and the cause is mostly a dirty burner. This implies that the furnace isn’t heating correctly because it’s not expelling the carbon monoxide.

Other possible signs of carbon monoxide include soot on the furnace, moisture on the windows and rust on flue pipes. When you notice such symptoms, contact a service technician before the problem intensifies.

Strange Noises

Old furnaces start to produce strange noises such as rattling and squealing when they begin to age or when some components start to become loose. If you notice such changes, you should call a service technician for a tuneup. However, if the strange noises stop abruptly, it can indicate that more significant problems are prowling.

Blowing Cold Air

A furnace that’s not warming up your body is a warning indication that it’s failing. This has to do with the blower fan as it does not create sufficient power to blow air throughout your home.

However, if the furnace isn’t producing warm air, it can be an issue with the pilot light or heat exchanger. If you notice this, contact a qualified service technician to inspect the furnace before the problem escalates.

If you want to learn more about the signs of a failing furnace or notice such symptoms, contact Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning today. We have experienced service technicians who can help you solve the problem and attain your home comfort.

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