One of the primary health risks to you and your loved ones is poor indoor air quality. Without something in place to protect a home’s occupants, they could breathe in toxins, allergens and microorganisms in Abbeville, LA. The following benefits of air purifiers will help your family remain healthy and improve the air quality in your home.

Remove Particles

Some air purifiers can remove particle pollutants from the air circulated by your HVAC system. A mechanical air purifier utilizes a paper filter to capture over 99% of air pollutants from the air supply. An electronic, or ionic, purifier utilizes a magnetic force with an electrical charge to pull these pollutants toward itself. By doing so, it takes them out of the air and cleans it.

Remove Toxins

Certain air purifiers are able to remove foul toxins from your home, even making your home odor-free. You can utilize a purifier with a carbon filter that absorbs these toxins and odors. However, these filters will only work on the toxins that they were specifically made to work on. Therefore, it’s vital that you choose the right model.

Remove Both

Some air purifiers are able to remove both toxins and pollutants from your home. These utilize ultraviolet radiation to kill pollutants upon contact, even killing airborne pathogens. A photocatalytic air purifier uses UV and photon rays to destroy toxins and pollutants, rendering them harmless.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Finally, air purifiers can help you and your loved ones live healthier at home. These devices can alleviate allergies by removing allergens in the environment. They can also reduce carcinogens by eliminating secondhand smoke and other harmful toxins in the air. As a result, they can help you breathe easier and improve your quality of life.

Contact our professionals at Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc if you want to invest in an air purifier installation in your home. We’ll help you improve your indoor air quality without hassle.

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