Outdated thermostats can cause various issues that make life more difficult for homeowners in Maurice, LA. However, you can resolve these issues by upgrading to a modern HVAC thermostat. Here are five of the most common issues caused by old thermostats.

Electrical Issues

Old thermostats often use outdated electrical systems that can cause intermittent operation or even system-wide failures. Worn-out wires, loose connections and outdated circuitry can lead to inconsistent temperature control, making your home uncomfortable. Additionally, these electrical problems can pose a safety risk, with the potential for electrical fires if left unresolved.

Incorrect Temperature Readings

Old HVAC thermostats may provide incorrect temperature readings due to their mechanical nature, which relies on a bimetal coil that can lose its accuracy over time. This inaccuracy can cause the thermostat to misread the actual temperature, prompting your air conditioner to turn off too soon or run too long. Additionally, dust and dirt accumulation inside the thermostat can interfere with the sensor’s ability to measure ambient temperature.

Inefficient Energy Usage

Due to outdated technology and lack of precision, outdated thermostats may not properly regulate your HVAC system. Consequently, the system runs more frequently or at less optimal temperatures, thus consuming more energy. Over time, this energy wastage will increase your monthly utility bill.

No Programming Options

New thermostats allow you to preset temperatures based on your schedule. That’s not possible with an old, outdated thermostat. Upgrading to a modern smart thermostat can give you much more control over your HVAC system.

Faulty Sensors

Sensors in old thermostats can become faulty over time and lead to issues with temperature accuracy. Additionally, these sensors may clog with dust, dirt and debris, which can cause them to malfunction. When you have a new thermostat with updated sensors, you can be confident that the readings you get are accurate.

Upgrading your thermostat allows you to have greater control over your HVAC system, cut down on repairs and improve efficiency. Contact our team at Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc today to find out more about smart thermostats and the rest of our HVAC services.

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