Have you noticed some strange issues with your heat pump? When this happens, it means your heat pump is faulty and requires immediate attention. Here are some of the heat pump issues that you need to watch out for in Maurice, LA:

Loud Noises

Because the heat pump has a compressor, it’ll make a slight noise when running in defrost mode. When the intensity of the noise suddenly increases, it’s an indication of some problem. A professional HVAC expert should immediately check this to find the source of the loud noise.

Banging Metal

When you hear the sound of metal clanging inside your heat pump, it’s most likely the fan. This is the only major moving part inside the pump. When the pump is faulty or has misaligned, it’ll cause some noise as it hits the sides.

Switch off the heat pump when this happens to prevent the damage of other parts of the system. Contact an HVAC expert to repair the system before using it again. Failure to address the clanging noise in time will lead to costly repairs later.

Gushing or Cracking

The heat pump comprises refrigerant lines. With continued use, the levels of the refrigerant may drop, and the unit begins to gurgle. If you hear this noise, contact your residential HVAC contractor right away to repair your system.

Running the heat pump when it’s low on refrigerant will cause a total breakdown of the entire system. The cost of repairs will increase as it’ll cause damage to other parts of the system. Ensure you schedule routine maintenance on your heat pump to avoid such issues.

When your heat pump has issues, you must seek expert services to address the malfunction immediately. Contact our experienced HVAC experts at Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc to help you fix and maintain your heat pump. We also offer many other HVAC services.

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