Homeowners in Maurice, Louisiana, don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures often. But when the chillier weather hits the area, you depend on your heating system to deliver warm air that helps create a comfortable atmosphere in your home. Read on to learn four easy ways you maximize heating efficiency this winter.

Change the Air Filter

The filter in your heating system works to stop particles from inhibiting efficient operation and impacting your indoor air quality. When your heater’s filter clogs, the system has to work harder to deliver warm air, which translates to higher energy bills. Change your heater’s filter every 30 to 90 days to enjoy higher heating efficiency.

Use the Ceiling Fan in an Occupied Room

Ceiling fans don’t create warm air. But if you use yours correctly, they can redistribute the warm air generated by your heating system. In the winter, make sure your ceiling fans rotate clockwise on a low speed. As a result, they will pull cooler air upward while pushing warm air near the ceiling down toward where you’re sitting.

Keep Supply Vents Clear of Obstructions

Maintaining proper airflow throughout your home is important to preserving high heating efficiency. Like changing the filter, clearing obstructions from around the supply vents is vital to make sure air is flowing freely.

Schedule Heater Maintenance

Heaters are complex systems. To ensure your heating system is operating at peak efficiency, you must hire a professional to inspect it at least once each winter. By doing so, you’ll prevent breakdowns and high heating costs.

At Desormeaux’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we perform annual tuneups and offer Energy Savings Agreements. If you’d like to learn more about how to maximize heating efficiency this winter, contact us at (337) 282-9091 today. Our team of HVAC experts is standing by to ensure you’re maximizing comfort at the lowest price possible.

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